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The Basic Numbers application serves to practice basic mathematical operations +, -, * and /. You can set the range of values for the individual members of the example, the total result, but also the partial calculations. It is suitable for the first class of elementary school. The number of members and decimal places can by increased for advanced users. The examples are divided into pages and each page is gradually evaluated by the stars in three steps. The final total percentage result is there too. Detailed analysis of each test can be stored and rechecked later. There is also the possibility of online testing, where the teacher can give the students a test using a unique code and they can send back their results.

You can download the Basic Numbers app on these stores:

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Privacy policy

No any personal data are stored or sent anywhere in the Basic Numbers application.

The application allows teachers to register and create settings for entering online tests under their account. The e-mail address they enter during registration, strongly hashed passwords and their settings are stored on the server. The tests that they prepared have their own unique code that teachers can send to their students through other applications.

By this code, pupils can launch an online test (they will see the verified e-mail address of the teacher), the result of which they can (but do not have to) send to a server, from where the teacher can download it to his application. Pupils can enter their name or an identifier agreed with the teacher (recommended) for each result, which the teacher will also see. The submitted test results and these names will be stored on the server only for a limited time set by the teacher, but a maximum of one year.

Teachers and students can delete all their data from the server at any time via the application.


News in 1.4 version

Teachers can prepare online test with unique codes for a students and they can send back their results to the teacher.

PDF Manual for online testing (czech language)

An article about these changes: Voborník P., Helvich J., Macinka M.: Basic Numbers – Application to Support Gamified Teaching of Basic Numerical Operations at the First Stage of Primary School with Options for Remote Online Teaching and Blended Learning. In: The 14th international scientific conference on Distance Learning in Applied Informatics. Štúrovo, Slovakia: Wolters Kluwer, 2022, pp. 304–314. ISBN 978-80-7676-410-1, ISSN 2464-7470, ISSN 2464-7489.

PDF Article full text is available here

News in 1.3 version

You can set range for each member of examples. And you can set a condition expression which must each of examples fulfill.


  • Subtraction to 100 with transition over 10: "A - B = Z", A is from 21 to 99, B is from 2 to 9, and the condition is "A % 10 >= 1 & A % 10 < B", that is, the second digit A must be at least 1 and at the same time smaller than B in order to always pass over 10.
  • Addition to 100 with a transition over 10: "A + B = Z", A and B is from 11 to 99, Z is from 0 to 100 and the condition is "A % 10 > 0 & B % 10 > 0 & A % 10 + B % 10 > 10", that is, the second digit of A and B must be at least 1 (i.e. 1-9) and at the same time the sum of these second digits must be greater than 10 (i.e. at least 11).
  • Addition and subtraction to 100 of double-digit numbers, where one of them is a multiple of ten (the second for subtraction): "AB='+' & (A%10=0 & B%10>0 | A%10>0 & B%10=0) | AB='-' & A%10>0 & B%10=0"

News in 1.2 version

The setting options have been extended: function of lockout of switching the applications, possibility to lock the whole setting by thy password and saving and loading settings by name. The article about application Basic Numbers summarizing whole app even the news in this latest version was publicated:

Voborník P.: New mobile application for effective practice of basic numerical operations at primary school with elements of gamification and history of examples. In: 12th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI 2019) Conference Proceedings. Seville, Spain 11-13 Nov. 2019, pp. 6279-6287, ISBN 978-84-09-14755-7, ISSN 2340-1095.

PDF Article full text is available here